Female Captain America... Except I'm a brunette and I'm English and I wear hipster glasses. If it's geeky chances are that I'll like it! FANDOMS: Captain America, Avengers, Sherlock, Star Trek, Suits, Batman, Supernatural, Harry Potter.
I'm a Stevette and a Bucky's Soldier.
I'm an Engineer on the USS Enterprise
I'm a Slytherin.
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 Anonymous: imagine bucky and steve watching ridiculously inaccurate 40s period dramas and bucky deciding to watch dramas set in all the other decades he missed (steve holds his hand when they watch the berlin wall fall)
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That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him.

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Sir, my crew was just…was just following my orders. I take…I take full responsibility for my actions, but they were mine, and they were mine alone. If I transmit Khan’s location to you now, all that I ask is that you spare them.

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Body art. Glorious.

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4/7 inspired by this

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Sam + wings for redwingedfalcon

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Bucky that isn’t how u play D:«

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“Cougar, be gentle!”

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